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Palette Spec Sheets

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Looking for more information about each of the cabinets in the Palette line? Here are the manufacturer spec sheets to give you the exact dimensions of the cabinets.

Bastille Vanity Specs
Bastille Wall Cabinet Specs
Bastille Mirror Specs
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Juliet Vanity
Wingate Vanity
Wingate Medicine Cabinet
Wingate Tall Cabinet
Bellini Vanity
Berkshire Vanity Spec
Berkshire 30" Vanity
Berkshire 36" Vanity
Hawthorne 24" Vanity
Hawthorne 30" Vanity
Hawthorne 36" Vanity
Hawthorne 48" Vanity
Hawthorne 60" Vanity
Urban Vanity
Yorktown Vanity
Yorktown 36" Vanity
Yorktown 48" Vanity